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Bala movie is an action drama movie.

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead roles.

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Bala IMDb Rating: 7.9/10


Bala Full Movie Download

Bala Full Movie Download

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Bala Movie Review :

Bala is the story of a bald man an eligible bachelor who has turned bald at an early stage in life he is a self-conscious man the role is played by Irishman Khurana he's very self-conscious and he doesn't want that the people of Kanpur Kanpur is where he lives with his family so he doesn't want to the people of Kanpur should know that he has a bald pate or an almost completely bald pate and therefore he uses all the tricks under the Sun to hide his bald pate sometimes he puts a badge and other times he moves with a cap etc etc anyway he finds it very difficult to get a girl in his life because the girls do not approve of his bald pate if he has a girlfriend she soon quits another girl comes with a marriage proposal but when she gets to know that he has a patch on his head she quits and discussed so all in all he is quite frustrated and because he's self-conscious he wouldn't want the people of Kanpur to ever know that he has a bald pate anyway he works as a salesman in a company that sells and manufactures of beauty products including fairness creeps he happens to meet a model who models for the products made by his company and who is a tick tock sensation in her own right that's pari for you pari that means yami Gautam Bala also has a childhood friend Lathika played by Bhoomi pain occur in her childhood also she was very dark-skinned and balanced too in fact teaser for her dark skin now as a grownup lawyer also she has a dark skin and therefore her aren't played by Seema para feels that she may not get a good match anyway when Bala meets buddy sparks fly the two of them fall in love and after that what happens I will not tell you when the Bala Mary's Latika or pari is for you to watch in the film where the barela's marriage is successful or not is for you to know when you watch the film so all in all it is about the travails of a balding man man who bolts prematurely let's come to the story the film is based on a story idea by travelpod our G and the story screenplay and dialogues are written by Mira in part with additional screenplay by Ravi Mokpo the story and the story idea are novel one hasn't seen too many films of this kind although George Hammond Metro studies last week had a similar plot line but except for the hero with a bald pate there isn't many similarities between the two films and so this story idea and story are quite novel the screenplay is also very good because it has many light moments humor, in fact, is the catchword in the first half, of course, the second half has some dull moments because the comedy quotient reduces and the drama becomes serious even philosophical there is court case etc etc so you actually miss the humor quotient in the second half and how one wishes the juma had remained intact despite the message despite the philosophy in the second half but be that as it may the screenplay overall is very good very engaging and very interesting as we said the first half makes people laugh and laugh a lot there are several scenes in which you would want to clap your hands the dialogues binary in part are to die for extraordinary dialogues and for which Nirenberg deserves the distinction marks probably 90% or 95% marks coming to the performances I want Khurana once again excels he is a brilliant actor and he gives proof of that in this film once again whatever the scene with a comic or serious or emotional or dramatic he is tops he is fantastic Yami Gautam Springs a pleasant surprise with a wonderful winning performance she's from Lucknow and how she uses English words in a typical style it is sheer delight to see her act and to see her perform and to hear her utter those dialogues especially with English words Bhoomi paid Nikkor deserves the highest praise for one accepting that role of a dark-skinned girl secondly doing the fullest justice to it she works without inhibitions and therefore deserves distinction months Abhishek Banerjee as the barber lends good support Javed Jaffrey as buttchin Bahia also has his moments Saurabh Shukla please Bala's father and him shows once again what a fine actor is Sunita Raja as Bhalla mother also has her moments the Ranger Gotham as ballast younger brother is first-rate there are two scenes in which he utters monologues long monologues in those monologues 1 billion undress applause not just for the dialogues but also for the Ranger Gotham's performance master such in Chaudhary as yang Bala is cute and entertaining Seema pava as Lathika Zant is again another wonderful actress and in this film also she gets enough scope to perform and she does the fullest justice to her rule of our own Shakira is Rohan is cute and endearing and gives a good account of himself, mush talk on as lawyer aina is alright Deepika topi Bala as paris' mother is lovely it's nice to see the big r2p wallah in a film after such a long time she's the same deepika who had played Sita in Rama and therefore reference to her as Sita Maya gets people to laugh Zia a month as per his father has a brief rule but he definitely makes his presence felt the film has a running commentary by Vijay Aras and the commentary deserves praise for two reasons one it is beautifully written and secondly it's beautifully told by Vijay rose in other words which arouses commentary his voiceover is lovely wonderful America shakes direction is once again fantastic he had debuted as a director with the three and in that film also his direction had won him a lot of praise likewise in this film also he will be praised very much for his evil direction how one wishes he had not let the thread of comedy disappear in some scenes in the second half, in fact, he should have maintained the thread of comedy or right to the film including throughout the second half but be that as it may, his direction is definitely, praiseworthy such a jiggles music may not comprise super hit songs but the songs are all interesting and melodious The Bachelor song in the end, titles are just before the end titles is truly entertaining the lyrics are by Baadshah Prius Aria melody and Parker Purohit and them are witty and the song picturization spy BJ Ganguly is definitely nice especially the batch a number in comedy films the background score plays a very important role and in this film such in Jigar have done the the fullest justice to the background score, in fact, such a jigger have given excellent background music, a new Janaki German cinematography is very good my usual mass production designing and Diana deep at the origin and Amrish potent gaze art direction both are very nice and human the-- circars editing deserves praise all and on Bala is a thorough entertainer despite dips in the second half despite the comedy quotient reducing the second half but the message and the comedy everything is good about the film and therefore this film is a box office winner this one is a sure shot hit.

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